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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 29, 2018 7:00am-8:53am EST

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it is starting off by trying to rip the flag. >> well, this reporter from boston over here, i'm trying to rip. >> she has the other half. >> come here. >> this is mold difficult. >> she caught me ripping the pennant in half. >> she caught me ripping the boston station off. >> you grew up in cherry hill. >> i was born in mount voorhees my dad was based in the air force base in philadelphia. >> now you moved up to new england. >> i moved up and became red sox fan and patriots fan. >> final score sunday. >> do you want me to be kind. >> no, object thanes. >> i will go with 27-21. >> eagles. >> no. >> she's like come on. >> get out. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> we should play pranks on her. >> every day. >> we will drive that with man crazy. >> love it.
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>> we have a picture of lefta and said we should try it. basically, it looks like, a tortilla. >> what did you call it, jared >> a scandinavian tortilla. >> so it is sweet, isn't it a breakfast thing. >> you put it like with brown sugar and butter on it, jessica do. >> potato flour and some brown sugar. >> we love brown sugar. >> basically in the morning. >> someone agreed to bring it to us because they heard we were talking bit. people are so nice. they have a term minnesota nice. i'm starting to understand what that is. >> we discovered it yesterday when we got in here, roll tape >> we start this hour with some truth. >> truth is people here in minnesota really are nice. everyone is so friendly this bar, i love it, look at this sign eagles fans stop in and have.
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>> free beer. >> cool. >> thrown at you. >> apparently, some folks are still upset when they came to visit the linc and they had beer thrown on them. isolated incident. >> here's the thing though way you look at it, in one hand you get free beer. in other word it is on you. it was closed. eagles fans, came shut it down or too scared they put up a sign and too scared to follow through. >> it was sunday. get on twitter, instagram, should we go back. i don't think we should buy any beer from these people because it supports these nasty people. >> they said it is free for us >> we will go back and take one in the face for philly. >> in the face. >> in the face. >> just don't open your mouth. >> and get outside and turn to ice immediately because that is how cold it is here, yes. >> absolutely. you have a single digit temperature out there this
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morning and wind chill below zero. >> yeah. >> we're in the 40's we will stay there all day. seven out of 10. bus stop buddy celebrating national corn chip day with salsa and chips. we have got temperatures in the 30's and 40's. we have rain to our south, watching this all morning and now in southern delaware and few showers in cape may. 40 degrees. feels like 32 with a 14 miles an hour wind out there. sunrise time is almost here, it is officially at 7:12 we will see the sunrise. we will get to a high, that will be in the mid 40's by the end of the day to day and we will see things continue to stay cloudy throughout the afternoon. we will talk about the timing of that snow right now and head out to maple shade, new jersey with our town take over with bob kelly, hi. >> hey there sueby good morning everybody we are live on main street and maple shade
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, new jersey. this is brick oven pizza hosting us this morning having some fun on a machine morning. with me, um-hmm, the police chief was here. it wasn't me. it wasn't me. >> are you sure about that bob >> i'm sure. thanks for being part of today >> thanks for coming to maple shade. >> great town. you guys are all lined up ready to go. >> i have my lieutenant, shawn and scott wallace. >> i have a challenge coin, it is maple shade police challenge coin. thanks for coming in. currently i'm president of the new jersey state association chiefs of police and would i like to give you a challenge coin from the state chiefs us been a friend. >> i have a parking ticket. >> yes. >> sure. >> lets go outside and check the jam cams getting ready for monday morning rush hour live look at the vine street expressway starting to get busy working your way out the front door in center city. westbound on the schuylkill expressway. we're jammed up on the ramp to
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girard avenue with a disable vehicle, and a live look at the schuylkill expressway starting to see volume coming into the city at city line. we are here in maple shade, but mike anal oaks are out at the super bowl. i want to hear nice and loud so they us all the way out there a big eagles chant: e-a-g-l-e-s >> eagles. >> yeah. >> great job, >> poor melody. >> we are getting your tweets and message there is is no mountoorhees. >> she meant mount laurel but she forgot. >> it has while. >> plus she has been rooting for the patriots s she's stupid now. >> we will have fun with you all w getting all these messages mount voorhees. >> thank god we never make mistakes. >> it is an hourchnically.
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>> that is right, we need eagles support. weso as possible. >> steve has been talking all eagles. >> steve is likerr epondent. >> he is an eagle. >> i am born and raised in new jersey. we cannot catch any luck in new jersey with our governors and football teams. we had that last guy who i wanted to mention was a cowboys fan. we have a new guy who happens to be born and raised in boston, went to needham high school where the current massachusetts governor you know who he is rooting for. >> phil murphy. >> yes. >> we got two nfl teams playing in new jersey and they don't we get an eagles fan in the state house in new jersey maybe some day. anyhow, he wasn't the crowd of t ing for the eagles as they yestg they will hey welcoming party made up of people from around o
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'connell talked to some offer them. >> let's this is your year. >> eagles fans, we're, now. >> this is amazing watching the best team in the nfl get off then to take the super bowl. >> i'm 34. i got i walking off that bus. >> reporter: what makes a north dakota fan an y bring besf north dakota to pennsylvania you make an eag break down these colors right here. we will fly, way. >> reporter: mike marks i will throw it back to you. i noticed you didn't pack biggest heaviest thing. you wore them. they were snow boots like you will be outside sometime this week. i was like please. >> yeah. >> we will stay inside. >> you should run for governor because that would be, a perfect fit.
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>> governor keeley can you imagine a state run by steve keeley.>> all right. steve, we will check back. >> he gives you one more response he is >> plus we have a stupid delay we are in baghdad. no, minneapolis. >> we're 1100 miles away from steve and all our viewers. >> but we're still conne g tet , continues there in the delaware valley and lauren's on a tough story >> deadly hit and run on 76, >> reporter: really tough story this morning a family is grieving after losing a loved one trying to on 76 lets look at that camera from the dot department. it is tough to see but you can see an accident that had traffic stalled, this is between belmont and kelly drive. so police tell us several cars were involved, several injuries sustain from the
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accident. once they cleared that scene they opened those lanes backup at some point last night. tow truck driver showed up to the scene to take one of the cars involved away unfortunately as he is work on the scene he is hit, and then car takes off and leaves that area state police telling us that they are looking for the driver of that car, theytell ush someone they are not telling house thats a witness another driver or involved in that accident but they areomeone abot and again this morning, tragically a tow trying to earns living on 76. >> that is right, just doing his other headlines with karen and thomas. >> well, there is a man criticounded after his throat was slashed by an attacker outside a bar. >> philadelphia police searching for h attacker who they believe is a regular at the bar. the attack happened on the 6700 block of castor avenue in
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oxford circle, just after 11:00 last night. police are not certain whether it started as an argument inside the bar but they say security camera did capture the incident. the 34 year-old victim was taken to the hospital, in extremely critical conditin. aneople and, and the fire was intentionally set at a groe 3300 block of north 15th street around 6:30. one the second floor window, four people treated for smoke anothed burns, patients range from 20 to 60 years old all hospitals. police say they have made an arrest. four people dead after washe pittsburgh this made national life police say man who support. victim two men, two women in their 20's. gunman knew them 28er named tim smith, it happened in salt lake township
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of pittsburgh. domestic disote investigate this further. let's send it back to me al. >> karen anduc tomorrow night is the state of the union. i think my year is when the president walks in, and name, ae walks into congress and they have to shakeh side of the aisle. this is first for president trump? what on both side of the aisle. >> people want to know what will he say, prompt error talking. >> a little bit of both. >> i bet doug knows he has inside info, on both. >> they always want to get close to the aisle so they get their picks in and stuff like that. will they be clamoring to be close to this president. >> there will be some no doubt who will try to get very close
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that is a bipartisan thing. there used to be dennis cuisine i can used to be there in the front trying to be one of the first people to greet whatever president it was walking in the door. with this president, maybe different, we will see. this is technically his first state of the union address administration happen to be disciplined to try to take advantage pretty powerful stage. president trump has keptince ree white house from davos onav been turning to congress and tomorrow's state of the unionntk about how america back. >> reporter: president's legislative affairsreew specifiy talking about the economy. >> economy new has unemployment rate in 17 years, and economy lowest unemployment rafatrican americac americans in the history of collecting data demographic ally broken out that way.
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>> economy aside the president will come to congress with the russia investigation hanging over his specifically address it but after reports surfaced that he counsel robert mueller, even urging his fellow republicans restraint. >> i will do whatever it takes to make sure that his job, rulea nation before president trump we wille of law and nation after president trump. >> the great unknown at thi president is going to sit down l witt robertiew, c mueller or any of hishat is something that will have to be negotiated, back to you guys. >> all right, doug we will be listening tomorrow night and we will be listening to you tomorrow morning. >> yes. >> thank you. >> i don't know what to think of this the grammys last night , so they, they missed the beginning of it. and when they got back, i saw
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this, and, they put together it was a dramatic reading of, people who, you know people do dramatic readings. different celebrities, reading this dramatic book and it turns out the book was fire and fury. they had different celebrities read ago this book about president trump and then there was a surprise guest we have a clip of it. >> he had a long time fear of being poison. >> one reason why he liked to eat, nobody knew he was coming and the food was... >> that is the one. >> you think so. >> in the bag. >> in the bag. >> so that was point started out with john legend and then it was cardi-b and then book came down inn it was hillary clinton because they weren't expecting. >> cardi-b. >> they were picking different celebrities. >> they were trying to be
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funny. >> it is so biased. >> is that really appropriate? is the grammys. >> yeah, all right, >> really. >> they were trying to find different celebrities. vice-pre. >> saturday night life were they trashinghi >> they were trashing bet side to be fair. >> you need to trash both of the boston fans. so yeah they decided of both. >> let's listen. >> the philadelphia eagles will face patriots in this years super bowl making it first super bowl where fans have even worse brain damage then the players. yeah, yeah. go giants, giants. >> like i said as lon of us.
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>> the news >> what is his name. >> knew caster. >> yeah,>> yeah. >> they always make fun of philadelphia. >> that is all right. as long as you are calling them o fine witt. >> you >> yes, bob. >> there is breaking news. >> he has breaking news. >> out shade. >> bob? >> we hav patco high speed line, service remains suspended, in both directions, because of a down electrical pole. this is happening on the patco lines between collinswood and broadway station all services suspended between those two points, collinswood and broadway and no eta when patco was up and running again. back here live from maple shade new jersey, check out the pizzas, the breakfast pizza among many of the otherg e this morning as we are taking
7:17 am
over the town of maple shade, new town take over we are here on main street, come on george follole e hello to the is how we do it. they have been out here since 4:00 o'clock. we are at vincent's brick oven pizza right here on main street and look who is shade ely >> tell us about the school itself. >> our maple shade elementary k. we have a variety of teachers, parents, great fortunate to have a wonderful community in the school district. >> i remember when my mom pta ms and i was always so concern about what the teachers wo comed with baited breath do you hate when they go to the pta meeting and teachers rat you out. >> yeah. super bowl hat on? what is your prediction.
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>> eagles what. >> one hundred eagles. hundred. >> yeah. >> my man, pots and pans, coming shade, new jersey we will be here all morning long taking and yes, kid we may have some snow tomorrow. >> sueby, i want to you say sueby, bring us >> suebyberry us some snow.wa w. >> i don't know if this is a lot to get excited about but keith, can i ask you for the clicker. i brought my phone instead of the clicker. i have to i'll trade. it is a look th we have, down in delaware, this morning. squibbing look at timing, when
7:19 am
this while start, it will be after first snow flakes. it looks like during morning rush at six or 7:00 in see some snowflakes. this is not expect to add up to much more t but just timing once again you snow shower here and there throughout the rest of the day , andorrow. we have 46 degrees today 36 tomorrow, mid 30's on wednesday, 48 on thursday and another chance of rain change to go snow, on friday morning. friday, as you know, mike and alex is ground hog day, we will see, about punxsutawney phil on i bet if we get up next couple days in a row it day, like gun . >> yes. >> it is cold aga we need in this cold. >> what. >> flamehr own one, yeah. >> not until this week. >> you have a chance nhow much e
7:20 am
will cost you sure it is pretty expensive. aver harry connick junior live on this show, live on "good day philadelphia" today. >> he is live. >> is he in minnesota? >> philadelphia. >> okay.
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, camera i aboard rocky mountaineer.
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canada's r call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. we can use a pair here in minneapolis. how much is a flame thrower. >> yes. >> 500 bucks. it will keep you pretty warm but you have to hurry because they are only selling 20,000 of these and as of last night according to his twitter account. he sold 7,000 of them. so, they are going quickly. they have been only this is to e money for the boring company his idea tunnels under freeway to cut down on his morning commute to work, stg
7:24 am
baseball hats. he says if he sells out he wille throwers which he is >> so they are available 500 bucks, 20,000, get them while you can. >> does that mean it is like ahu have a flame thrower, hillary. >> i think people are realizing they are legal for the first time. >> well, had i known it was legally would have purchased a flame thrower a long time ago. >> there is still some left you can get one. >> 500 bucks is decent. >> would you buy one and what would you use it for, hillary. >> to light my birthday candles because i'm so old, it is a lot easier. >> oh, please. >> light all of the candles, get it over with. >> you could cream brulet everything in your life. >> true. >> instead of shoveling snow,
7:25 am
just go ahead and get rid of the snow, blaze your way through. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> yes. >> i guess i need to apologize to cardi-b because i said something that sounded disparaging about cardi-b. >> what is she talking about. >> she doesn't say anything bad if she knows her mike is still up. >> why don't we kill it that would make perfect sense. >> i apologize because i enjoy her work certainly and she is versed in politics so she would, she knows more than me. >> cardi-b fans are grateful. >> i'm sza she performed last night. >> it was weekend she likes to. >> cardi likes to make nice. >> i don't like that>> she souny
7:26 am
witt. >> she said she would like to move >> yes. >> yeah. >> i need a weekend woman. >> hey, >> i think i dug deeper. >> um-hmm. one of the things that have pubo look at this it is raining, no , it is tallest building, in minneapolis in where we are and walk around these sky way thill go shopping.
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at he. it'. well, the gang's all here. eagles are here. "good dayhiladelphia" is here it is super bowl lii. did you hear about it?unday. >> later we will talk to harry connick junior and he sang once t anthem, at a super bowl, right. >> y. idea. >> let's quiz him. it was in the 90's.was half time the teams that played and what was the score? with any of it. >> i feel like you perform at a super bowl you wil out though. >> speaking of you said bird are all here. i don't think they are all here. i'm concerned about matt hollins. he ride his bike.
7:30 am
>> did you see how he is planning on arr is not here yet. >> wow. >> it 1100 miles. >> according to him it is more than that. >> is >> well, i just used something we called map qued 1300. >> 1300 miles to go. >> so matt arrived safely becaue need to you play on sunday. >> h properly for when he gets into minnesota. >> he o he was ready. >> apparently a pole down that is affecting the commute today, bob kelly, tell us about that. >> you got it right gang, good morning, problems on the patco high speed line kicking it off this morning all services are, suspended on patco because of a down pole and wires. patco says they sent out a tweet asking for other means of transportation. i kind of read between the
7:31 am
s could be a while, patco services about rs and philadelphia, on a normal, morning rush hour cars n the roads, come on, lets go to the bennie, live look at ben franklin bridge stacked and packed because even if half of theook the car they are using ben franklin, walt whitman, betsy ross bridge this. extra volume on the bennie as you can see look southbound stad up at betsy ross bridge. back here live in maple shade, new jersey take a look at the flowers, that we had here, is what the name of your shop. >> ezekiel flowers and gifts. >> how long did it take to you make it. >> three and a half hours or so. >> all live and what type of flowers did you use. >> carnations, mini carnations , vikings pompons, a couple sunflowers in there and .yell >> this is beautiful. >> we should have a "good day
7:32 am
philadelph fresh arrangements for us every morning. >> you should,. >> it should be. >> we will come see you in maple shade. we are here vince's brick oven pizza broadcast continuing all morningg with the shaders here pizza ands what, kid, sue serio saysave so. >> wow. >> wow, my, will see what happens. in the meantime, today, it is a seven. generally dry out there. we have bus stop buddy with the umbrella because we have rain to the south of us, we will show you on this radar on national corn chip day. southern delaware and a little bit of southern new jersey. our high temperature today will be in the mid 40's. we have 40 degrees right now, with 14 miles an hour winds. it feels like 32. you will definitely need your winter coat today. we will stay right around the 40 to 45 degrees, and we will
7:33 am
talk more about that snow coming up next time, 7:32 back to mike and alex in minnesota. >> yeah, we're in minnesota but eagles story is still iern we're here but 99 percent of the fans are still in philadelphia we are angles. we have people in philadelphia , people here and we want to make you feel l so just stay tuned all week. on my instagram we are doing behind the scenes ofs. we are going around town. alex holley tv,ike coming in. >> what you are saying is we are the representation here in minneapolis of the eagles fan. >> that is true. >> until they are here. >> yes. >> whe not. >> we are reping. >> i was very impressed with your a tire when you left for minnesota went 700 level. you had green, really good flannel shirt on. you looked legitimate. you look like the guy on the
7:34 am
brawny paper towel cover. i said wow, that is a masculine man on tv, the kind of guy who could house, if he co wear make up and be in front t living anyway fresh eagson the jeff's'r and tailgate. th tailgating, eagles tailgating. if you can pick a name would i e stopped them on their job. how cool to be in the super bowl. here it is machine morning what w willie make it through another week of waiting. >> completely unbelievable. have come this far. through the whole season all year, wins and loses, just amazing we are going this year to the super bowl. hi mike and alex, we watch every morning me and my girlfriend. >> we will do it, man no,
7:35 am
foles came in and did something, something, in the beginning but he is looking g looking really good. go eagles. >> finally no doubt. by the way, pete this is a company truck will they have a problem putting new stickers on there unofficial stickers. >> no problem at all i just told my boss we wert. >> we day nice free ad he should give you a raise on top ofou tried for stickers. >> yes. >> what are you going to do what is your big dealunday. >> sunday going to a big super bowl meeting friends there and will have a great time. can't wait. >> your plans for the game. >> my plans for the game i want to party, man, after we win tell you what, i don't like what they did to rocky, kill them, rock. >> what is with the patri need r that thing off. it a ladies
7:36 am
lingerie. >> i will stop you. >> no problem. >> make sure he shows up, i don't know about him sho i thinl be out sick for two days possibly after that. >> thanks, steve. >> there is the scene from ardmore, which is kin crazy, stl week to g game, guys. >> it will be crazy with each day. >> oh, my. >> all right. >> did you forget to put your shoes on this>> they are not mi. i said they are carso right, sii thought they before brand new but look at the there is grass stains. >> we probably shouldn't be tuffing them because they will get up for auction. >> don't drop them. >> we will figure out how much they are worth and how to get a hold of them. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
7:37 am
getting an appointment to discuss your treatment options shouldn't be. meet with a ctca cancer specialist in philadelphia, in as little as 24 hours. learn more at
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well, back to minneapolis, mall of america, hi jeffery. >> good morning. >> with hunt auctions we have you on all the time.
7:40 am
>> yes, thanks for having us today. >> they have cool stuff. >> how much are shoes? we showed them before. >> pretty cool pair of, pretty cool pair of cleats. and being sold to benefit his ao1 foundation and something like that we would expect three to $5,000 on your web site. >> hunt if you are not making your way out minnesota check them out. >> they were worn in the blame you can see grass stains. >> yes, they were we have that game information available on line so you can check it out. >> it doesn't hurt that we are touching it. >> they were used. >> yes. >> i don't know if there is much more we can up and do you because we touched them. >> i just mightthing. value would go way down. >> pretty cool, ball from last d by nfl and sold to benefit chare endeavors, little different type piece. we the five to
7:41 am
$10,000 range. >> you can see >> well, they make different balls for each team this was put on theth the falcons. >> if this was patriots it were not belated, it would be deflated ball. >> yes, see. >> it is nice. >> i want to show you something from my era when i played football. could you hold that for a second. i cannot put that on. that would bring value down. >> pretty interesting, this is leather football heat met. you have to wonder what protection. >> which century 1900. >> 1900s. >> yes. >> we will be fine. >> just put this on. >> it is like wearing a wallet >> my goodness. >> that is great. >> there is padding around the ears. >> sure, slam into gronkowski with this on. >> yes. >> when is auction. >> it takes place february 3rd
7:42 am
but everything is available than line at hunt >> good to see you. >> have fun here. >> can i just keep the cleats just one? that is enough. >> no. >> more from the mall of america in minneapolis the home of super bowl lii after the break.
7:43 am
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lights are coming on, probably it's a small world after all. girth stuck on there for an hour once with the song. it gives meehan itch. >> do you want to ride the ride here. >> they have a roller coaster inside this silly mall. >> they have a couple of them. >> pretty cool. >> we will go to bob. >> maple shade. >> yes, it is a town take over >> hi there bob. >> good morning we are taking over the town of maple shade, new jersey, up here, it is also the beginning of catholic schools week so i'm here with our lady of perpetual health catholic school in maple shade , principal karl, thanks for bringing kid over. >> no problem at all, it is wonderful it being catholic schools week we are celebrating our community and what better way then being
7:46 am
with you. >> you are right around the corner, hum students do you have. >> 225 at our lady of perpetual health, three years old all the way to eighth grade. >> they have signs, hats. eagles fans, yes. >> let's show you traffic right now, patco continues a shut down so there is delays, both directions all services on the patco high speed line suspended this morning because of the down power lines, a pole between collinswood and& broadway, patco services about 40,000 people on a daily basis so all that extra volume heading for ben franklin lets look live at ben franklin bridge we have stack and pack. as we work our way. walt whether it hand has no delays at all. getting ready to head into philadelphia the walt whitman bridge is way to go. back here live in maple shade, guess what kid, i think there is some snow in the forecast.
7:47 am
what happens next? >> sue has the weather. >> in 15 seconds. you heard s word but not for today, but tomorrow, it is cloud, some rain to the south, and light snow tomorrow, it is not going to add up to a whole lot but just enough to make a mess and more thursday into friday, those are your headlines, here's rain with us right now, this is storm with us made for a dreary, rainy day yesterday and stalled to the south. that will stay in. then when cold air moves in we will see that coming back another system from the west and we will get snow. how much? close to 2 inches according to one, less than a inch, other so we will be between one and
7:48 am
2 inches. meanwhile six in minneapolis, compared to 40, right now here in philadelphia and we will only get to 45, 46 degrees today, much colder tomorrow with that light snow. thirty-five on wednesday, and that other chance on thursday and into friday with very cold into saturday and super bowl sunday here in philadelphia, wintry mix is possible, mike and alex, so that could be an adventure getting to your super bowl party. >> so that means if we do win. >> well yeah. >> you not only to have deal with crisco grease on the poles but wintry mix as well, snow and ice. >> i don't know much about crisco but does crisco freeze? jared, you would know something like this, crisco would freeze. >> i think it would. >> making it slicker even, maybe, who knows. >> i see an eagles fan. >> eagles fan. >> it is carson wentz do you
7:49 am
live here in minute yams. >> i know karen hepp. >> we'll talking to you for sure. >> you admit it. >> i have been friend was brian. >> he has known karen hepp's husband since first grade. >> so lets roll tape, eagles are here, they flew in. >> so, they are real special, right. >> yes. >> when they flew them in they didn't just get bus they written side hanger so they didn't have to be outside in the cold, keep precious car get wrong. >> they had a special hanger they did not go in the terminal. >> brief moment. >> lets get to g. cobb and we have to break down this game. gary, welcome. >> how are you doing, you guys all right out there. >> when you getting out here. >> and we will be there on
7:50 am
thursday. >> he has some business. >> some business. >> so good, i don't know if i was a coach and a player i don't think i want to be here all week. nfl makes them go to these events but don't you find it a distraction as a player. >> well, it is, it is tough, it is difference in the regular game and the super bowl. super bowl just full of those type of distractions and you get of course all of the media and all of that and all of these stupid questions, they ask you about all kinds of things, how you grew up. when did you first start playing football, do you have -- have you ever played against your brother and your sister but you have got to focus on what you got to do during the game. that is difference in dealing with the super bowl. you have to be really focused. eagles are in a tough
7:51 am
situation because they have never done this before patriots seem to do this every year and eagles can't treat patriots like they are their big brother or soggy because everybody is asking all these questions about patriots. this can't be about patriots. eagles have to focus on what they have to do to beat patriots. >> when you talk about staying focused and yesterday, they had a day off. they were here in mall of america, walking around, hanging out, do they have a curfew or how do you make sure they don't go crazy and living up the super bowl life. >> early in the week they have a late curfew, maybe midnight or 1:00. they dent want them to be too tighter with they are setting sitting around getting nervous they want them to get out, have a good time, act like it is a normal game. but as it gets closer you want to get focused. >> that makes sense.
7:52 am
>> they are walking around the mall because is there nothing else to do in this city. the city's great but it is too cold. it is below zero. the hotel is hook to the mall. >> this it is not just any mall we have amusement park, restaurants, i'm surprised they don't have a club. >> imagine how many times they have been to the super bowl, it is in minnesota, really, i want to hang out with my wife down at beach. >> they have ice golf here. >> it is so cold they have room for to you set aside to walk up. >> warming station is we are very grateful for them. >> thanks, g. >> we will see you later in the week. >> yes, you will. >> all righty. >> g seems out of it, maybe the delay he is never out of it, it is g. cobb, come on. >> speaking of out of it, no. >> she might be out in it. >> jen's out in it.
7:53 am
>> jen and i are getting a licensing very well on this trip, right, jen. >> yes, we are. >> difficult buy you coffee, maybe south philly joeys here which means we're buying souvenir stuff but in the where you went mike jerrick we will go low brow. >> we want to support in minnesota support the hometown >> we want to support in minnesota support the hometown ttp://>[a5df]
7:54 am
emerge restored. fort >> we want to support in minnesota support the hometown ttp://>[a5df] replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antiox10 oranges.ctrolytese tamn why not feel this good everyday? (cough) it's just a cough. you'd see just how far it can spread.
7:55 am
robitussin soothes in seconds f hours. (giggling) just a cough.
7:56 am
poconos. what was the name of that place we ate. >> batch already restaurant. >> it was great. >> really good. >> i went and put this on my chr greens and potatoes i wanted to see what it was have the gre.
7:57 am
>> nordic version. i of african-americans in minneapolis. >> we have seen some, yes, yes >> jen where did you go. >> we went to a place calledecst philly joe said we have to go there. it was awesome. looked at us that they wanted to hurt us >> people here are not happy with us rightagn in the last hie fun. they are nice people. >> don't you in their house very long. i have had nicest people hoff e just say the most nasty stuff to me in the last week. >> i'm worried about the team. i want the team to feel loved. it is a big deal they are here >> as humans we want to be competitors that we are and be out on the field. every time offense comes out on sunday it is tough, it hits me but then i'm in. i love these guys.
7:58 am
i'm part of this team just as much as anybody else. >> okay. we love carson. he was carrying his own bags off the plane. we thought that was we are. >> that is a minnesota thing. they are very pride full people. that is why i think we will connect. once they see real philadelphia eagles fans who are here not won being shown in those social media clips but real philadelphia fans you will see we are both blue collar, hard working and we are both passionate about our team. >> we are passionate. we want some good souvenirs. you went to the fancy super bowl store. we went to the best place they have here, target, to do some souvenir shopping. >> i have leggings. >> you don't have super bowl leggings. >> jen, bargain headquarters. that might raise a red flag. we will buy this and then to something in the parking lot.
7:59 am
>> here's your leggings. >> look at the super bowl pajamas. >> they call this corn hole. get it going. >> is this the parking lot sometime. >> yeah, we do this in the parking lot. we do this in the frozen lake. when flakes is frozen you go in the middle of the lake and throw some bags. >> throw some bags. >> throw some bags. >> is that it. >> bago. >> super bowl ones ys for the little guy. >> that is so super cute. >> oh, stop it. it is super. >> i love tom brady. >> tom brady, oh, my wrist, i was adding another finger for another ring. no, not going to happen. >> as we wrap it up is there
8:00 am
espn situation down there mike and alex, i know you have a ton have people at the mall. this is ibs building. i don't know if you can show them water from the ceiling but it is tallest building in minute so the a joey, you'll hang with us here and there. >> we will give you updates telling you good spots to get beer, get great local beer, some mcsorely. >> good stuff. >> shout out to roman catholic his high school in philadelphia, not minnesota. >> mike, this is awesome. >> that was not nice. >> you guys are getting news trouble already. >> are they getting yelled. >> they beat us. >> they are still smarting a little bit from that 38-seven against the eagles. >> by the way, it is in the my sister's birthday but it is january 29th which is birthday of kansas my birthplace.
8:01 am
>> wonderful information. >> happy kansas day. >> role the block. mike, you know i have to say it, we have to say it, the eagles have landed. >> that is last time you will ever say that. >> do i have to? this is a history making week for the bird. plus talking super bowl you have to talk about soups. >> what? >> game day meals perfect to make for your party on sunday. >> harry connick junior live on "good day philadelphia" did you know he sang at the super bowl back in the 90's. it is a throw back. some may call it grammys but it was bruno's big night. >> ♪ >> bruno mars sweeps
8:02 am
competition at grammys from the fashion, performance to the moments you may have missed all last night. >> i mean honestly after the night he had bruno mars should have been dancing through the night, yeah, i got another one >> i got another one. >> it says call him the bruno 's for now on. we love him. we did see him together. >> we did. >> we do everything together now. >> just about. >> pretty close. >> we came into town whenever you think minneapolis i think of the business that you and i are in, the news business, tv news and mary tyler moore. >> mary tyler more more show. >> in addition to the fact it is a popular show i loved it because when i first started in philadelphia, after my first day, steve keeley he was first personally met at fox 29 he took me around. we recreated mary tyler moore show. >> do i remember that. >> we were like okay, in
8:03 am
minneapolis, where the show is based. we had to go see the statue. >> ♪ cute. >> special. >> make it after all. >> you and patriots fan that was cute too. fighting each other. >> yes. >> just seeing statue and it
8:04 am
is pretty cool. people were trying to take picture witt too, that is what you do when you come. >> i took a pick and then eagles hat you haddon. >> we have rocky is for philly >> yes. >> mary tyler moore is for minneapolis. >> her head doesn't look that big but i'm trying to get eagles hat on it isn't big enough for her giant head. it looks smaller. >> you were struggling. >> but minneapolis police department actually helped me get up there so i wasn't in violation. >> did you ask permission. >> were you about to do it. they walk up. what do i do. >> aim getting ready to do it, and i look to my ride there were four officers, just ask them. >> that is minnesota nice. >> it is minnesota nice. >> we're going to bob. >> town take over in maple shade. >> you got it, gang. got to love mary tyler moore segment there hello from maple
8:05 am
shade. >> wow. >> made in the shade but we have an update on our breaking news out of the patco high speed line, here's the latest, gang, patco has now started running limited service, westbound, into philadelphia, only, so, that is good news if you have not left the house, bad news for 20,000 folks, now jammed up. patco runs 40,000 people. down power lines the culprit. limited services westbound across the entire line, however all eastbound service in philadelphia still stacked up. lets get live to the ben franklin bridge as we work our way in toward philadelphia. stacked up from all those extra folks, using the car. back here live, at vincent's brick oven pizza. we have been here all morning long the gang from our late i perpetual health. what is your name. >> joey what do you think of the score. >> twenty-four-14. >> eagles gear on.
8:06 am
>> you. >> so is what your favorite player. >> sproles. >> sproles. >> we have the breakfast pizza and on q back here are we ready let's cheer them on. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> come on, sue, sue has the forecast. >> yeah. love the enthusiasm. outside the mall of america it is 5 degrees with mike, alex and six below is wind chill. for us a much higher number. we have got seven as our weather number, we have bus stop buddy, umbrella for folks in southern delaware and southern new jersey 30's and 40's our temperatures on this national corn chip take and see the rain that is starting to move out, but it might move on and off. if you are cape may or rehoboth we will get more rain 40 degrees feels like 31. we will get to 46 for a high. pretty much steady
8:07 am
temperatures. then snow begins after midnight. we will talk about how much in a few minutes. so you are at 5 degrees now mike and alex with below zero wind chill. >> five. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we appreciate it. >> lets get to lauren because she has moved. is there something going on with patco a lot of people on twitter feed 40,000 people ride patco. couple people on twitter stuck on the ben franklin bridge because people are trying to drive-in now. >> reporter: that is right, people, having to or forced to use transportation as far as cars to get over to philadelphia we are at ferry avenue station. we are between broadway and collinswood. we see people standing and waiting. they are wait forgo that bus just rolling upright here during our live shot, it says it is a shuttle bus because they are shuttle people to get over to different stations.
8:08 am
but, oh lets talk to lease a real quickly. peter, here he is, sorry, you were on the train, what happens. >> i was half asleep. first thing i heard was a noise and i turned around and could see sparks. windows were orange and everybody was running. it was just madness. >> conductor handled himself well and stopped the train, shut electricity off and everything but it was a little crazy. >> i know your mom showed me video thaw sent her where people were panic. >> yes, somebody kick window out, within guy jumped out. it was crazy. >> reporter: what went through your head. >> honestly i thought final destination and thought some crazy crap was about to happen but i mean i'm alive and well so i'm happy. >> reporter: we will talk tour mom quickly. lisa you got the call, a
8:09 am
scared mother, of course, right. >> he text me at 7:00 said he was on 5:15 train and something happened on the train and people were panicking and kicking out windows. he was stuck. they weren't let him off. we were communicating from 7:00 a.m. until now. i'm here to try to pick him up to take him back to the train. his carries at lindenwald station. i said call your manager. i am a teacher. i had to call my school. it is crazy we are glad you are okay. great mom to see him. you wanted to probably hug him you were on the bus as well. >> yes. >> reporter: it was a chaotic scene but everyone is okay and they are trying to get people safely where they should be. >> that is good news here. >> what a mess. >> causing problems, everyone is okay. we have thomas and karen with other stories in the delaware valley. >> we have breaking news out of reading four people died in
8:10 am
the shooting. police say it happened on a re home on south third street. >> all of the victims are men according to the reading eagle three tied at the scene. fourth at the hospital. we don't know motive at this time or any information about possible suspects. also there is a tow truck driver who was killed while trying to clear away a reckon schuylkill, driver was hooking up a car when he was hit. this was at 9:00 last night and police are speaking with the person of interest in montgomery county. all eastbound lanes were shut down for hours, the green lane , belmont avenue exit and lincoln and kelly drive exit. thirty-four year-old man is critically wounded this morning after being slashed in the throat right outside a bar the attack happened on the 6700 block of castor avenue in oxford circle just after 11:00 . police are searching for the attacker who is believed to be a regular at the bar. that is a look at your head lines right now. we will send it right back to
8:11 am
minneapolis and mike an alex. >> hey, guys. >> we're inside mall of america. who knew we would still need hand warmers. >> but i have not seen these body warmers. >> yes. we will show you how they work i got them at igoldberg. >> we did a lot of stocking up so we have to see our trip to the store to get all of the things
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
these are all individual little warmer. >> i'm rubbing my stomach to get mine activated. >> dawn put mine on your back. >> you can do that. >> you do your upper back. >> what? >> okay. >> what is going on. >> hey gang, good morning. we have great news for gang that uses the patco high speed line. we have had problems all morning long, patco now says that they have limited services running right now both east and westbound it all started early this morning with a down pole and wires and
8:15 am
it has impacted 40,000 commuters, this morning and had to use alternate means of transportation. so right now very limited services on all east and westbound trains, however, there is no services between lindenwald and ferry avenue, new jersey train will cross honor. lets go to the bennie. backed up and over bridge necessary to downtown. back here live at vince's brick oven pizza maple shade high school is in the house. tech club, you wrote your own app. >> we do a lot of work coding designing and phone applications and one of our latest was designing the township web site maple shade .com. >> so township used your design for web site. >> wow you are only in high school. >> yes. >> wow. >> we have some smarty pants over here. >> this side, what is the deck et club. >> an association that creates emerge suggest leaders and entrepreneurs and every year we go to three different conferences, which is regional
8:16 am
, states and then nationals. >> that is great, congratulations, hold on, look who is coming in the front door. here they come, the whole bus load of all of the students from main he had shade in the house, the cheerleaders. sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds. 8:16. we prefer eagles green on our radar map then when it is white which indicates snow. this will be spreading through the entire area we are not expect ago lot of snow but there is still rain in southern delaware a few showers in cape may county ocean city maryland still getting rain but tomorrow starts after midnight, snow through morning rush we could get between one to 2 inches is
8:17 am
what we're averaging out from all of the computer models. as we check our temperatures 35 in pottstown. forty-one in wildwood and in between philadelphia at 40 degrees. forty-six our high today. after tomorrow's snow we have another chance of rain change to go snow thursday into friday, and friday is, groundhog day, mike and alex, back to you. >> just get the job done. >> oh, sueby. >> for us it will be cold all week. >> can i say we're not complaining. i love being here. >> that is big thing when we came out here it will be cold, it will be cold, prepare yourself. >> we tried to prepare ourselves. >> it cannot that be bad you will be at mall of america you will be inside mall of america we had no idea, because i didn't dress, that do you see those things, that tower behind us, those squares, those black squares they are
8:18 am
vents. >> pardon me my big blowedded body is blocking vents. >> it is blowing cold air at the mall in 50 miles an hour. >> there is a really good one right over there. it is blowing right on us. so again we're in the complaining. >> we're explaining situation. >> my hair is blowing, i have some tea and the tea, what do you call this. >> that is called a tea bag. >> but the thing that stick out of the tea bag, it is moving. >> that thing. >> it is flapping. >> i'm glad we made a trip to the warming store. >> igoldberg which will help you stay warm. we kent and said tell us everything that we need to be completely warm in minnesota. >> thank god. >> so lauer friday igoldberg that is the assignment we have to make her warm somehow in minnesota. >> okay. >> what is best way to keep your feet warm. >> i usually wear combat boots
8:19 am
but i have a feeling that will not work. >> we have toe warmers or we have feet warmers as well or we have socks which you probably need a couple layers of socks. >> key is make sure your toes still move. >> definitely. >> ski boots, anything like that will be better then these , they dent look too winter ready how many layers do you suggest and what do you put against your skin. >> you need a thin layer of thermals and that type of on pants and maybe some jeans over that would be good for you. >> you need thermal top, definitely. another shirt. long sleeve t-shirt. do you want to do hand warmers and mittens, they are warmer than gloves. >> key is for toe and fingers to be able to move are too jammu cannot move no mittens. >> new we will dot hat my head >> we have 180 which head as fas ear muffs and then do warmer.
8:20 am
>> yes. >> we have face masks also if you want to >> do we have it coveredy believe you have it cover. >> i thinkea to get this all together. >> yes. >> let's go to minute so the a >>es warmers do help. >> i could barely walk down the streety was passed out. >> she got the vapors. >> i could feel everythnd indood i need to go o
8:21 am
>> claustrophobia. >> did you bring all your stuff. >> no, it didn't it didn't make it. >> the stuff didn't make the flig to buy some on line. first round of things i bought ended up my college address in missouri instead of here in went on lineo try to buy some more and i paid extra money to have it sent there day before we left and it was late. it is in philly. all of the stuffy was trying to buy, never made it. >> g. cobb will bring it. >> turf call missouri if someone would be nice to send it. >> lets go to the graphics from last night. >> one day we were trying to step out, talk about the movement that has been going on. >> me too. >> they had white roses we will explain as well and give you more
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
people want to know where i got this pull over at this nfl store. >> you can get it on line. >> yes. they have all of the same
8:25 am
stuff. >> so yesterday we were out walking around and we got nfl items. we ended up missing beginning of the grammys. so upset. luckily karen has cool moments >> thank goodness, karen. >> thank you. >> receive fun. >> bruno mars was a huge winner of the night. >> ♪ fines with cardi been b, he took home six including album of the year, rorrer of the year and song of the year and then earlier this morning he posted up there on the gram saying unreal, i love you all, this already has a million and a half likes. meanwhile a lot of performers were wearing their white flowers out there, some were wearing white in solidarity with the me too, times up movements but here's the thing, only one woman with all that talk only one woman won a grammy in the major category last night and then
8:26 am
what do you think of this, we need your opinion the recording academy president said this. i think it has to begin with women who have the creativity in their hearts and their souls, who want to be musician whose want to be engineers, who want to be producers who want to be part of the industry on a executive level, to step up, because i think they would be welcomed. really. how about that. so he is, i don't know if he is blaming with man for not having a bigger role, very interesting comments right there in these ages, guys. >> yeah, yeah. i dv. ed it. it seems like it was good. >> getty better feel. >> i want to know about soups for super bowl. >> you got to have soups. >> perfect, right. >> soups for super bowl. >> we will get you ready for sunday. >> i could bath in a bell of soup, fill my tub with tomato
8:27 am
soup. i'll take that. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it.
8:28 am
really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay. in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
8:29 am
8:30 am
i guess the big story, in philadelphia this morning is the commute, right, patco. >> patco situation bobbies on top of this giving us the latest information. >> yes, good morning, it has been a rough go for gang using patco high speed line this morning but good news we're back on line with limited services this morning. lets go right to the maps, patco has had power problems because of the down pole and wires earlier this morning. for most of the morning there has been no services at all but here's latest very limited service they are running a train from broadway to 16th street making all stops but no service east or west between lindenwald and ferry avenue. because of that mess lets go to the jam cams, live look at
8:31 am
ben franklin bridge backed up leaving new jersey into philadelphia, extra heavy then it normally is on a monday, heading outside, use walt whitman or betsy ross bridge. back here live in maple shade, new jersey. >> wow. >> our town take over, gang from smith brothers pharmacy here, good morning. >> good morning, how are you. >> local pharmacy in town we have a t-shirt and love the chocolates. >> got to love it. >> nothing like a russell chocolate. >> and maple shade cheerleaders. >> yeah. >> ready. >> let's do it. >> now and forever. >> maple shade wildcats blue, gold, white, now and forever. cats. >> wow. >> go eagles. >> how about a forecast. >> all right, well, compared to that party waiting for bus stop isn't as much fun but he does our bus stop buddy has
8:32 am
chips and salsa. also an umbrella from the folks down south, through can see widely scattered showers in southern delaware and there have been a few, in cape may county, new jersey. we are seeing sun coming through, 4 degrees, but feels like 31. we're selecting your outer wear. forty-five by lunchtime. high of 46 with cloud. talk about the snowflakes, expected tomorrow coming up next time and the seven day forecast too mike and alex, back to you and your five below wind chill. >> we can take it, sue, thanks very much. somebody just suggested joy doyle, junior said try tiger sushi in the mall of america. >> it is worth the visit. >> yeah. >> they don't take reservations so don't worry about getting shut out from philly. >> good one. >> we can try that tonight. >> what about soup. >> soup. >> for super bowl.
8:33 am
>> yes. >> soup belongs with the super bowl. we have a pretty cool segment coming up, karen. >> we're talking super bowl. we have jillian davis, she has at show america's test kitchen , joining us to have fabulous soup. >> good morning to you. thanks for having me. >> we appreciate you, even though you are from boston we will not hold that against you >> all truth told i'm a bills fan. >> right now, we have a grateful thing. you can buy it. there it is. right there bridget and julia cooking at home with the two of you what are you cooking with us on good day. >> soup for super bowl, it is cute but if you think bit we are talking about cold weather i heard sue talking about the weather we could have a wintry mix. perfect for a hot bell of soup easy to keep warm. nice to have a solid food throughout the game what did you bring us first. >> we will start with black bean soup. >> this is a traditional black bean soup, try a little bit of that it starts with dry beans.
8:34 am
we cook the beans. make a lovely soup. super bowl friendly. >> yes. >> we use, chicken bros and it is mixed when you cook the beans. it is hearty, hefty, it is great for the super bell. the next one is one of our top 10 favorite soups in all of our recipe archives, this is a tortilla soup, chicken tortilla soup and cool thing is you puree fresh tomato and you add that and that gives color a fresh flavor. it is warming. feels healthy. chicken broth feeling good. >> how do you make it taste like that, chicken stock and puree it. >> yes, last minute addition. >> i think i did that to you. >> soup is messy sometimes. isn't this slow cooker cute. now, this is a turkey, it has quit charred and some leaks in
8:35 am
it. >> yes. >> there you go. >> nice, on the healthier side lots of vegetables. >> lets get to our football match up here. >> these are the two soups, of the super bowl we have new england clam chowedder. we have clams. you can only find clams can, totally works too, here we go, this is hearty, warm. >> yes. >> you can find those. >> yes. >> lot a this. will ask you butt is so ball, tomato soup, think south philadelphia , all of restaurant. >> gravy. this one all the time. >> this is a kid friendly soup d isn't that amazing. it is easy to little meat balls. i call this kind of homemade spaghettios, it has that
8:36 am
flavor and so much better it is out for sale. thanks so much. we love the soups. we love your book. we love you for coming in even though you are in patriots zone. did you find my, buddy greg go net. >> i love the setup. >> i do too. >> that is a nice set up too. would i bathe in soup right now i'm so cold. >> we're having fun here. >> yes. >> harry connick junior has come on the show and we have create aid quiz. >> he has performed in the super bowl. >> he sang national anthem in the 1992 super bowl do you think he will remember who was the half time show who were the teams. >> i think he will remember. >> i dent think he will. >> it is half time but in the
8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
absecon, new jersey.
8:40 am
>> good morning newis >> yes, because we are here at the mall of america, and we have some special guest. >> hi kid. >> hi. >> how is it going. >> so you any karen, karen's friend. >> karen and brian. >> yes, and, who is that right there. >> this is my bought full wire teresa. >> you are from ardmore originally. >> i grew up from hard more. >> is what your name. >> greg. >> you married a vikings fan. >> yes, i did. >> one of the past couple weeks have been like. >> up to the vikings game it was good after the vikings game work is brutal. >> i see your eagles jersey even playing the vikings. >> yes. >> so, somebody said you golf to try the. >> it is called lefta. >> leather her tell bits. >> we call it norwegian tortilla we have wrapped it with birth and brown sugar. >> this is how you are
8:41 am
supposed to do it. >> some people eat witt meat or cheese. >> so we -- >> that is a nice item. >> what is it named after the. >> lefta. >> a potato tortilla. >> a potato tortilla. >> that is good. >> thank you, good luck. >> you're welcome. >> give me a final score. >> it will be a close one but eagles will win 33-30. >> brutal. >> thirty-three-30. >> good to see you. >> thanks for having us on. >> keep representing. >> any chance you will become an eagles fan at all. >> no. >> she didn't even think bit. >> minnesota all the way. this week too including fred. >> you have seen the hats, yeah, the north, all this stuff, we're in the storeo come on back we have a very nice friend, from minneapolis, st.els what we need to do what we need to wear and where we
8:42 am
>> we will be right back after the un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy.
8:43 am
ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to... ...wear for up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy.
8:44 am
8:45 am
lefta. >> lefta. >> it sounds like a disney character. >> oh, look it is lefta, yeah. >> pretty close so that is true. so let's get to sue and she's telling us we're expecting snow in philly tomorrow. >> like an inch or two. >> yes. >> may look like this. >> that is child's play back here to us. >> well, lefta there, back here, yeah, it is still snowing at the mountains and cold enough at night to make snow but then we will get actual snow tomorrow. lets talk bit. here's a lot at rain that will change over to snow. we have this system staying with us and another one coming in with cold air. we cold average out, between one and 2 inches of snow not a whooper of the storm by any stretch of the imagination but could make a mess during morning rush tomorrow. 40 degrees right now walking out the door in pottstown it is 35, it is 42 in atlantic
8:46 am
city and 41 in wilmington delaware feeling chillier because of breezes, 46 is our high, 36 tomorrow with a light snow on and off throughout the whole day, and 35 degrees on wednesday, we will get another chance of rain changing to snow, thursday into friday, friday's gun hog day and by the time we get to sunday getting to your super bowl party could than an adventure if we get that wintry mix in the forecast, for super bowl sunday. >> the wintry mix, we have to be aware of that. >> you mentioned it will be in minnesota very soon. >> yeah. >> jen's learning how to dress like one. >> yeah, all right. >> so first of all good morning welcome again to the north. we have allison kaplan here good morning. >> good morning. >> you are the shopping and style expert for local magazine and you will really help us out. >> i will help you, do what i can despite the fact that you
8:47 am
are from philadelphia. >> we are trying to be your friend i'm wearing a purple hat. >> yes. >> i did wt this north is every time you send e-mails, p r dar welcome to the beld north. idea of calling this area norththis company. >> it started in this store right here, loop, everything is north and it us just a m to say you kure e embrace it. we are creative. we are active all year round and it is a new way of brand ing ourselves instead of letting people from the coast calling is the midwest. is what the midwest. >> they are taking care of the world we live in too because it is very environmentally friendly. >> they have announced made national headlines saying that they are going to keep track of their environmental footprint and give back 110 percent of what its costs to the environment. so they are all about keeping
8:48 am
the north cold. i was than the just wearing any sunglasses, not just trying to be cool, but these are orby parker glasses they did for this store and super bowl here in minnesota to keep the north cold glasses. whole movement. >> we are in a very stylish store. this is man style for people who are dressing for it to be very cold which i love. lets talk about the hat. am i a homer though do i look like i'm trying to hard if i wear the hat. >> no. >> vips will be given this hat >> everybody has a hat, seriously, you look like a local when you wear the hat you want to blend in. i think you are doing that well, yes. >> it is warm but not itchy sometimes you want to just scrape the hats off your forehead. >> yes, they did a collection thaw can buy on line at target .com and stores here in the twin cities. so north is every where and you can get tonight whatever style and color you want, for sure. >> again it looks gorgeous, turf say they make snow tubes
8:49 am
but if is there, you don't know me that well yesterday, this is my favorite north product because if you need to have a beard you need to stay warm. now we will look at a frozen lake. >> let's do it. >> we will get in the car and lot a frozen lake. thank you north. so again mike and alex you will need one of these hats or maybe four or five. >> no question. >> if you are looking for a frozen lake in minnesota look tour left or right. >> yes. >> mike, is there a frozen lake. >> alex, is there 10,000. >> there is 9,999 more. >> i love your outfit today. >> yes. >> reporters to have decide what to wear. we're here. is would the man blocking. she's blocking. well, anyway can't see woman in red. typical tv. >> standing right in front. >> we will talk about tv
8:50 am
fashion. >> yes. >> lets talk about the grammys we have alycia fredricko coming into see these looks, fabulous. >> can we do bad won do. >> good and
8:51 am
8:52 am
this disinfectant spray says i have to rinse off the disinfectant after i've disinfected? yeah, i'm not gonna do that. seventh generation's disinfectant spray. it kills 99.99% of bacteria, and there's no rinse required. time to come clean with seventh generation. #comeclean
8:53 am
are you staring at me look at you. >> lets get to the bottom of this. >> bob kelly. >> hey, gang good morning, everybody we have our hands folded, praying for the patco high speed line to get back in service. lets go to the map. we have had a problem all morning long down power line and pole causing disruption of services this morning. here's the latest, the patco high speed line running on a very limited service, all stops, between 16th and
8:54 am
broadway making limited services along the way and ease bun or west bun lines, are not running between lindenwald and fury. look what it has done to the morning commute typically 40,000 commuters use the patco high speed line grabbing the keys and we are using the car to go up and over the benny. back here live in maple shade, new jersey we have been here all morning long vince's brick oven pizza. i'm here with the maple shade wildcats, the step team. they have been practicing all morning long, look at the crowd over there we have cheerleaders, wildcats are in town. we have, the gang from paw is here as well and, of course, making their breakfast pizza. look at them go. >> ♪ >> maple shade high school, making the shade.
8:55 am
>> yes. >> lets have a hand for the shaders. >> yes. >> wow. >> give it up for them. >> thanks, bob. >> guess what i just sawal ex- >> whole glass ceiling here, and it is lit by the sun basically. >> you can see is what going on behind us, see it in all its glory.
8:56 am
unlike ordinary toothpaste, colgate total fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. giving you the confidence of a healthier mouth. colgate total. be totally ready for life.
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it is 9:00 o'clock hour of good day philadelphia, live from the super bowl 52 site minneapolis, st. paul minute so the. we are here at mall of america and you can see is what going on behind us now that the sunnies up. is there 520 stores. >> yes. >> rollercoasters, restaurants and there is eagles players walking around. >> that is lighty will, say 520 stores. there is about 15 different lidz stores that opened up to sell hats. there is a store that sells nothing but kilts. >> we will find the more quirky won. >> this moa as they call it around here is so big there are four mall of america stores in the mall of america itself, nothing but mall of america stuff. they say a lot of asian country people are fascinated by the mall of america store which is a store about the
9:00 am
mall itself. >> it is like a touristy thing >> i went to mall of america and i got this shirt, that kind of thing. >> exactly. >> lets talk about the grammys it is not just super bowl. gram writes big up in the insuring for first time in a while. >> well, back in the day they used to be there. >> it has been a while. >> yes. >> there was a reaction before the gram business a certain celebrity. you have to see her face and like is what going on. >> okay. >> you know what harry connick joins us at this hour, live, we will put him to the test, and he sang national anthem in 1992. does he remember who the half time was and does he remember the teams and what the final score was. >> i say i do. i feel like it is a super bowl he is hard i can connick junior he performed in all kinds of places but you know what we will find out. >> i guess we will. >> we surely will. >> so,. >> what a journey it has been to get here.


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